Wednesday, 19 August 2009

You've gotta Love Ebay!

Like most people within the hobby that I do, I keep a lazy eye on ebay just in case you see something that would be a great addition to your army,

how ever sometimes you come across a real gem! I found a 1500 point death guard army, as my first thought was "I could finish the boys off in one fell swoop"

So the usual game of waiting and watching, the actual price of the auction was about the same price of the models quite a bit of forgeworld was in there, but with the army being built & primed that out weighed the con's.

So the models turned up this morning and in the words of brucie didn't he do well! I'll post some pics up soon aka when the camera batts are charged ;) but this is a list of what I got,

Converted Deamon prince with wings
Forgeworld sorceror

5 man termi sqd with forgeworld conversion pack

Forgeworld dreadnought with twin linked las & combat weapon
Forgeworld dreadnought with twin linked heavy bolter & combat weapon
(both dreads a different so one of the original ones and the new one!)

4 death guard sqds 7 men in each sqd, each lead by a champion with a power fist, and 2 special weapons in each one, Now the the bonus about the troops is that there is not a "standard" marine in there! simple but cracking conversions!!

this lot is gonna make a great addition to my already growing legions, I might sit down at some point and work out what I've got, that should open my eyes!

any how enough whaffling on the the painting.....