Monday, 7 June 2010

The Tyrants on tour aka the UK warmachine national masters 2010!

**** Warning lots of reading & lots of Pictures ****

( Get yourself a brew, kick back chill out and read away! )

Well what a weekend, shag loads of beer and tons of dice rolling in my eyes that a winner for a good time
(but this is ablog about wargaming so I'll keep it relevent!)

 The Tyrants!!  

Any way, so 6 games at 50 points each, no worries I thought carn't be that hard?

Well I didn'nt really think that this was the UK championships that should have set my alarm bells ringing with regards to the quality of players and the types of army lists....

So a summary of the games I'm terrible with names so remembered none! so apologises in advance...

Game 1:

Against Khador, not a bad game to draw to start off with, but the chap had some "intresting" habits is the most polite why to describe it, He used scorsha some winterguard with cotton eye Joe, a couple of big jacks and odds and sods. I won the game with one control point but we maxed out the time limit off 100 minute game time! The game was "ok" but the actual person put me off some what.

Game 2:

Khador again! this time against a welsh chap who actually responded to my questions and understood my sense of humor, used epic irusk with loads of infantry, had a flanking/ambushing unit that caught me off guard (i.e. I didn't know they could do that!) and it was a really bloody affair! Won this one (much to my surprise) with a caster kill, but the genius part of it was that his caster was in combat with my arc node so I soul gate'd the arc node out of combat and blasted him with with hex blast but he's already taken alot of damage due to channelling spells in the previous turn. Overall a cracking game had a lot of fun and the chap was sound so that was good!!

Game 3:

So I'd won two on the trot (and the only one of the entire Tyrant team!) So I was propelled into the big boys part of the playground, and Menoth wanted to play, This chap used the Harbringer (My response was "who?") and my lack of knollage took its toll on this game, I got my ass handed to me, but it was a bloody good game the chap knew what he was doing and was very very techincal but wasn't a twat about it, took his time so that I understood what was going on so still good...

So end of day one, only me and Danny had wins under our belts and we decided to enjoy ourselves with a bloody good night out....

and the dancers where nice to look at ;)

But we paid the price the next day....

Game 4:

Sporting a very groggy head I faced my first Hordes army of the day a lovely painted trollblood army (that I didn't get any pictures of) and the first words out of my mouth "thats a fuck load of trolls!" which kinda set the mood that I'm a casual player! this game was tight as a tiger with missed oppertunites my both sides for the caster kill the good old monkeys with guns hit with there harpoons but was one point away from damaging the caster so failed to drag him towards goreshade and the bane thralls kick the shit outta him, but the earthbound troll went stomping over my line and ate goreshade in two round of combat. The chap was sitting there saying that he's screwed it up etc.. but work mode kicked in and told him to chill etc.. then my caster kill plan went tits up! LOL

Game 5:

Ok so I was starting to slide down the rankings and the rest of the boys where getting some wins under there belts, so the pressure was on for the "Anton" to produce the goods.... Well again it was menoth and the Harbringer, how ever the bloke was a fucking dickhead, using the rule of measuring control range from the caster which was 20 inches to check his charges through out the whole game, and even when I questioned him about this he was blatant about what he was doing by saying yea I'm checking my charges.. well I had to maintain my composure on this one, as I wanted to face plant him into the table!

The actual game is erased from memory.... (for health and safety)

Game 6:

So after 3 fags back to back and ranting at Danny and Spencer (cheers for letting sound off chaps) I was ready to fuck off the last game if it was menoth, but it was a chap from manchester with merc's, First thing that went though my mind was fuck never played merc's!!
But the chap was sound as a pound went though everything and it was a lovely game to finish on, lost it mind you but I actually said that even though I was defeated that was one of the best ways that I've been taken out basicly in a nutshell some woman ninja leaped over my entire line and stood behind goreshade, he turned to bitch slap her, and then using some cracking shooting spell buffs arcing fire shot gorshade in the back and that was it game over! but kudos to the fella and got some advice with regards to the pirates that I'll be getting off Danny for doing his everblight.

These are some of the armies that caught my eye on the Saturday...

Some Nice looking cryx

Some smelly Menoth, but lovely painting

The only retribution army that I spotted!!

Some circle, which I think was the winning army?

This lot took my breath away, cracking looking army!!!

So the finial standings.....

(taken from the warhammer forums)

The FULL RESULTS and more can be found here : along with SoS Scores etc...

BOLD = Top in Faction

1. Jim Lawrence (Glasgow) Circle Orboros
2. John Snape (Tanelorn) Skorne
3. Jamie Perkins (Team Octopi) Khador
4. Rick Paget (Dragon Slayers) Legion of Everblight
5. Aaron Bayham (Tanelorn) Cryx
6. Andrew Harrss (Tanelorn) Protectorate of Menoth
7. Jay Stevens (Swansea Sneaky Gits) Cryx
8. David Payton (Dudley Darklords) Protectorate of Menoth
9. Gary Moore (Maelstrom) Protectorate of Menoth
10. Tim Lawrence (Tanelorn) Protectorate of Menoth
11. Lee Andy Palmer (G3) Trollbloods
12. Jon Webb (Tanelorn) Cryx
13. Toby Jennings (Marauders) Protectorate of Menoth
14. Michael Davies (Swansea Sneaky Gits) Trollbloods
15. Conrad EJ Gonsalves (Tanelorn) Cygnar
16. Rich Loxam (Team Octopis) Cryx
17. Alex Smith (Team Octopi) Khador
18. Paul Barritt (Matts House) Protectorate of Menoth
19. Chris Wood (Tanelorn) Retribution of Scyrah
20. Pickles Khador
21. Andy Garrard Trollbloods
22. Bruno Baron (Tanelorn) Trollbloods
23. Alun Evans (Viet-Taff) Trollbloods
24. Will Ward Protectorate of Menoth
25. Chris Horwe (The Tyrants) Protectorate of Menoth
26. Patrick Vance (Viet-Taff) Legion of Everblight
27. Nigel Chorlton (Marauders) Khador
28. Tim Martin (Dudley Darklords) Khador
29. Daniel Suthalong (The Tyrants) Legion of Everblight
30. Ben Josling (Team Octopi) Protectorate of Menoth
31. Ashley Mitchell (Dragon Slayers) Khador
32. Jason Fox (BarbedThorn) Trollbloods
33. Pete Trimble (BarbedThorn) Protectorate of Menoth
34. Matt Herbert (Matts House) Cygnar
35. Jack Shenton (The Tyrants) Legion of Everblight
36. Darran Palmer (Marauders) Trollbloods
37. Rich Brown Cygnar
38. Richard Jennings (Team Octopi) Mercenaries
39. David Sampson (Matts House) Khador
40. Simon Millership (Walsall Warriors) Protectorate of Menoth
41. Neal Barton (Winsford) Protectorate of Menoth
42. Ant Evans (The Tyrants) Cryx
43. Sam Parry (BarbedThorn) Cryx
44. Stef Ashwell (The Tyrants) Trollbloods
45. Pat Thompson (GOB) Khador
46. Jim Bamford (Muppets) Mercenaries
47. Des Brennan Trollbloods
48. Huw Jenkins (Viet-Taff) Khador
49. Tony Moore (Marauders) Legion of Everblight
50. Kevin Johnson (Bad Wargamers) Protectorate of Menoth
51. James Brown (Muppets) Cryx
52. Steven Knowles (Winsford) Cryx
53. Nick Roberts (Tanelorn) Circle Orboros
54. Ross Knill (The Tyrants) Legion of Everblight
55. Andy Thurgood (Dudley Darklords) Cygnar
56. Martyn Jenkins (Viet-Taff) Circle Orboros
57. Adam Brown (Team Octopi) Protectorate of Menoth
58. Marc Harding (Burnley) Mercenaries
59. Paul Brown (The Tyrants) Cryx
60. Phil Gedge (Tanelorn) Cryx
61. James Wilson (Matts House) Protectorate of Menoth
62. Richard Adams (Walsall Warriors) Khador
63. Kurtis Emery (The Tyrants) Trollbloods
64. Stan Crooks (Bad Wargamers) Circle Orboros

» Best Painted Army: Nick Roberts (Circle) (Tanlorn)
» Most Sporting: Ant Evans (Cryx) (The Tyrants)

 So overall we didn't fair too bad for the first real torney, and for me to finish up the table is pretty good in my eyes considering I didn't have much of a plan apart from getting trashed so saturday night! 

But the bit that gave me that warm feeling inside was when I took the walk up the centre of the room surrounded by 126 clapping and loud whoops to take the sportsmanship award! something that I hadn't expected, I know people say I'm fun to play against but to be awarded this from strangers that I meet on the day was cracking!! 

Sportsman prize... nice ;)