Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Orc boyz Done.

well as the title suggests I've managed to get my third unit done for the Orc & Goblin army, I started with a how to guide then my camera decided to have a spazy on me so I've lost all the stage photos? but I've still the spear armed unit to do so I'll do the guide for those guys,

I was also wandering around the net looking for idea on how to convert savage orcs from the plastic ones, I couldn't find anything that was of much use but I did find possibly the best Orc & Goblin army (if carlsberg made miniatures) have a butch at this thread from the warhammer forums, truely superb work!

Clicky Click!

any way on to my quite dull and "ok" painted boyz compared to that lot.....

So a quick group shot of the lot...

And whilst I was picking up some bits and bobs the other night I decided to give the army builder magnet basing kit a pop....

Its a winner in my eyes!!

I also ended up chatting to hutch one of the gifts for geeks locals about the new 8th Ed and what I'm hearing its gonna be mint so this has spurred me on even more to get some more done!