Thursday, 17 June 2010

First look at Malifaux

Greetings Loved ones,

Myself and my esteemed college Chris aka suneokun blogy blog decided to put the dice down and give Malifaux a crack, normally we tend to play 40K and try and rape each other on the table top with both of us bring dirty tricks onto the field, but I'll be honest Chris tends to get the upperhand as he's got the tactical mind of Rommel!


So we but our crews aka the skirmish force rolled flipped for the scenario and you have a separate mission each which was quite cool, and then decided to fumble our way though the first couple of turns,

With Chris deciding to get his boot muddy first performs a charge action again one of my undead zombie samurai (the name makes me smile!) and that's when it started to go tits up, as neither of us had really read the book and I had a rough idea and Chris had remembered some bits we sat there laughing at each other as the bemused look on my face grew with myself mumbling what does Ht mean??? and various other jargon words.

So after a lengthy period where Chris managed to pimp slap a zombie and I'd cast a spell from my boss/master/leader I couldn't find the rules for what the actual spell did! so we decided to wrap it up,

Only when I sat down with no distractions (aka Ross playing the starwars old republic MMO trailer and the 40K MMO trailer on the shop computer) did I manage to find the relevant bits we needed on Tuesday night!

So I suppose the golden question is would I play it again??

Yes, but I'd need to either make a reference sheet for the triggers & effects rather than just flicking through the book and actually read the rules a couple of times before trying to play a full on game.

Would I recommend it to others?

Yes and No, yes because the cards rather than dice are a nice change and you can "cheat" fate and reflip which is cool, No because the book is quite heavy with regards to rules more diagrams or examples are really needed but if your used to playing more than one system then sure you should be able to pick this up and run with it after a couple of hours worth of studying.


This is what got me to pick it up, OK there not your usual "40K/warmachine" size but the detail is spot on and the whole feel is something from a horror film.

So that's My thoughts and feelings on the first outing for Malifaux, all I need to work on is a cheat sheet and get another game under my belt and I'll be rocking with this one!