Friday, 11 June 2010

Anton "The Warboss" guide to Painting Night Goblins

Ok so with the pending release of fantasy 8th ed I've decided to take the plunge and get an army together prior to the release,

Now I've had a few raised eyebrows from the local guys as they know that "I don't do square bases" and add that with the fact that they might "screw up" fantasy this could either be a fantastic chance to get a nice looking army painted up or if the neighsayers are right, a charity auction for a good friend of mine who lost his son, either way its going to be a good experiance.

So onto the guide, I wanted to get the army done to a fairly decent tabletop standard and look nice from a couple of feet away but not crap fairly close up. The other this that I've kept in mind that your going to have to paint alot of the blighters so I've done a simple scheme.


Now I've been using the Winsor Newton range for a while and these are my weapons of choice (except for basing!) I get mine from Antenocitis workshop good service and loads of funky little bits that have a ton of uses!

The stages:

I've not bothered showing the construction & priming I'going to assume that you guys know what your doing with that bit ;)

After Spraying Black, Do a black/codex grey hightlight on the robes of the model you can be as messy as you like at this point!

pick out the metal on the model with boltbun metal,
the spear tip and the edge of the shield.

Using the foundation paint calthan brown do the spear wood and the belt round the body.

Wash with Badab ink to dull down the robe highlights and the wood.

Foundation paint Iyanden Darksun over the moon icon on the shield. then just use golden yellow, I then washed with Gryphonne sepia to give it a bit of depth.

Foundation paint Knarloc Green over the skin.

Goblin Green over the knarloc green

Mix golden yellow with the goblin green for highlighting the skin you take this as high as you like, then wash with Thrakar green.

Then its onto the eyes which was a blob of blood red and the teeth which was bleached bone, I washed the teeth with Gryphonne sepia

Apply the usual basing technique that you use, myself I use scorched brown, wetbrush graveyard earth then wetbrush kommando khaki, I decided to paint the edges of the base with scorched brown rather than black.

Bang on the flock, I've made my own mix out of the galeforce nine range, winter/dead grass + flock blend autumn, the flock blend gives a little stubstance to the flock rather than patches of green.

Now as I did the step by step there I decided to paint the rest of the night goblins, all 46 of the buggers!

Group shot

Close up of the models

The only thing I've left to do is sort out a movement tray, but I'l going to hold back on that at the moment.

So what do you think? what would you do differant and is it detailed enough?

I'll be doing normal orc boys next with two hand weapons......