Thursday, 10 June 2010

Things that make you go WTF!

Its not very often that I start ranting about some of the cheese that you get in the 40K game system, but after tonights game against Steve, I need to suss a way to take down Mephiston!

this guy has to be worse than the space wolf special's....

OK so you start off with Transfixing gaze, now as its a leadership test, even fearless models have to take it at -4! fail well reroll all failed hits & wounds.

Ok so thats not too bad I thought... rolling in at Int 7, jesus wept he's fast!

So hitting on 3's and oh by the way he's strength 10! and its a power weapon, so instant killing any non eternal warrior multi wound model, which is most of the chaos codex.....

so if you do manage to survive the beasting from the man who can, you then hit back, 4's as an average, then onto wounding.... Toughness 6! thats the same as wraithguard!

Armour save? well it'd be rude not to offer a 2+ save with a mere five wounds to boot! and as he's a psychic hood your force weapon roll is nullified on a 4+

throw in a jumppack and fleet and this bad boy has a 19 - 24 inch threat range, the only this thats going for him is that he carn't join squads and had no inv save.

So the question is how to take him down??

Kick him in the spud or twat him with a frying pan?