Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Challange Ant..... Menoth - Done?

Alrighty so for some reason I wanted to get this Menoth monkey cranked out, was it the man points that I'd gain from the guys or the burning in my eyes everytime I looked at the model??

Ok so undercoated black as most or the model is non white and I don't have any white spray ;)

So I started with boltgun metal on the chainmail bits and banged some black ink on it

Foundation red for the cloak bits

Scab red over that and blood red to high light then red ink over that and then brassy brass on the bits that would become gold

So then gold over the brass and gryphonne sepia was to put some depth onto the gold, then dheneb stone for the white undercoat and bleached bone got me to this point

So the model was going fairly smoothly until I hit the white...

So the first coat,

and then two more thin coats later, I decided enough was enough, I watered down some gryphonne sepia and put that on the edges of the armour,

So over all not too bad, the white is "ok" I'd maybe go with a more bleached bone look aka deathwing type white.

What do you think? how would you paint the above?