Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Warzone Legion & The Pledge

So after playing a couple of weeks ago I decided to crack on with the Legion and try and get the army ready for the next game,

I managed to make quite a impact on the amount of models I've knocking about and was flying through them at a rapid rate of knots even by my standards!

as I've been painting the warzone stuff I've discovered my mojo for trying new things out and really played about with various techniques and different colours on the models, Enough of the whaffling lets look at the resin crack!

So to add to the unwashed masses I've done these...

all I had to do was base the necromutants and the leaders so nothing too hard really

I then cracked on with the Stalkers,

I've been asked a few questions with regards to the armour and the "recipe" for these are...

Russian green base coat
stipple/sponge brassy brass over the top
boltgun type metal stipple/sponge over the brassy brass
do the other bits skin gun etc,
army painter soft tone wash,
purple ink in the rune bits

yep that's it!! dead easy.

Then with a bit of faffing about I converted a Razman and did these pair, the only thing I'd like to do to finish them would be some blood effect on the trench weapon which I'm going to use the new GW technical paint.

It was all going great guns until my tubes on my painting light popped and I was left without a source of light for about a week whilst the tubes were being delivered and the usual work/life factor I've only just really managed to get back to the table and have been working on the beast riders, Just the basing to go on these.

I was at a bit of a loss how to paint them and a chap off the facebook group suggested looking at tree frogs/salamanders and with a bit off good old feedback they were done.

so the actual salamanders were done like..

Russian Green, (highlight with ivory mixed in)
Solar Orange now know as Jokaero Orange
do the riders as normal and a soft tone ink and that was it really basic but looks great!

Then all I had left was the command element, I too my time on Mr "Cunning" rather than the usual dry brush it to death then wash it, I actually did some proper painting and blended colours and all that, giving the cloak a really dark red look to it with some nice purple edging to tie in with the rest of the army.

Once the wash is dry it'll get based like the rest.

Then the final model was Golgotha which I've been painting at the same time as "Ali"

A little work on the heads on her belt and she's good as done!

So onto the pledge....

I knew I'd be taking a kicking at the end of this year with various kickstarters landing on my doorstep, but for the month of November its a painful one add the fact that Northstar miniatures were shifting their Fanticide stuff at 50% off RRP a Fae army was too good pass up, that lot added 65 models onto my "bought" pile and a further 73 models from deadzone has destroyed my pledge for this month!

Bought - 159
Painted - 60
Difference = -99

mind you I've not had such a negative figure since Feb when I bought an entire Russian infantry & tank company for battlefield Kursk!

I don't think December will get any better with an email from Tor Gaming confirming that I'm finally getting my kickstarter delivered some time in the next week I suppose it better 6 months late than never!

Add with the WWX kickstarter as well will be landing before xmas, I need to really go gadget go paint brush to finish in the black for 2013!! 

But lets focus on the positive on clearing that unpainted pile and next on the agenda will be either the Cybertronic guys or a factions for deadzone, I might throw a few Fae into the mix as well.

More on the deadzone later though the models are really nice!!