Monday, 23 December 2013

First Look: Wild west exodus

This has to be the fastest first look!

I got my box on Friday, spent most of my spare time building the contents and then by chance sorted out a game with Rob at Hinckley,

we kept it fairly small at $500 as that's all I had with the enlightened, and a basic kill misson, interesting set up rules as the posse with the most models sets up first and goes second which I thought was a nice touch, In the usual Anton fashion I decided on the stubble tactic of charge with a huge amount of guys running up the high street.

With Rob's force on the table when we started reading some of the ability's of the models his two snipers suddenly went to the top of my "kill" list! added to the fact that I found out my constructs if they loose their life points due to shooting they explode, the charge down the high street was bout to turn entertaining!

With some well placed sniping from Rob blew my 7 man assault unit to bits and a lone guy was left!

Not a lot left! added to the fact the Billy the kid was carving his way through constructs it wasn't looking good!

This prompted my entire force to go stage left out of line of sight, and pick off models one by one. Edison with his sonic wave blaster became very popular as he flushed out a chap in cover and pushed him into line of sight of construct 13 who then opened up with his Gatling gun and evaporated in a mist of red blood!

my last 3 long range constructs went on a daring flanking manoeuvre...

only to get spotted by Frank James, the first construct lost his head and blew the other two to pieces! so much for the "master plan" however thanks to the Doc I slotted the sniper and Rob decided to leg it to live another day!

Gameplay - The gameplay is surprising simple, each model has a number of activations that you can do, in a similar vein to infinity & warzone, however you only activate 1 model at a time unless your go for a group activation or a gang activation which is good for getting masses of models moving at the same time.

The D10 system is quite nice from the usual D6 and more systems are starting to move away from the traditional D6 which is about time as I've all my old school RPG dice still kicking about!

the shooting is really easy to get your head around and not that many modifiers to remember, we never made it into combat but initial looking at the rules it should be along the same lines, the only thing to really focus on is area of influence another name for reach for people from the warmachine system.

the clever bit is the damage roll where you roll a D10 add your armour and take away the power of the weapon the difference is the amount of wounds that you take, nice touch as a 10 always dodges the damage as it hits your bible/whiskey flask/little black book etc!

You generate influence every turn that you can use to reroll dice though the turn, you have to put the influence down before you roll the dice so if you don't need it then you lose it, with the enlightened I was getting 8 per turn compared to Rob's 4. As you lose the models that generate the influence you lose these from your pool and if I'm reading the rules right straight away.

Weapons have special rules as you;'d expect armour piercing ammo and the like, single handed weapons are done well as you get to shoot both for one action point, some pistols have a rate of fire more than one example being Jesse James whose pistols are ROF 2, meaning you get 4 shots per action!

Lastability -

With Wild West Exodus being a fresh system the scope is completely open ended, the amount of models that will get released in January are vast with loads of variety, Another quirky thing about WWX is that they have a comic that has a mission in based on the story, so if you wanted to play out the comic you could, the only thing that its lacking is a campaign system but as most of your bosses, underbosses and sidekicks are quite tasty it could unbalance the game quite a bit.

Models -

When you really start working on the models you notice the crisp detail and the amazing detail on these, great for the showcase painter could be ballache for people like myself who just want to field painted models!

The multi-part plastics are completely mental who ever designed these models either has OCD or decided to actually take the piss with the components, you legs on the enlightened are a mere 6 pieces a far cry from the usual one maybe two pieces that most manufacturers go with so if your planning a game give your self a couple of days before to build your stuff rather that the night before!

posability of the models is zero, they are all designed to fit together in a certain way, so unless your handy with a knife and green stuff converting these are very difficult for the novice and for the veteran well can you be arsed, personally these have to be some of the best models I've worked on with regards to detail and quality the end level product on WWX is very high.

Initially when you look at the prices you do have a high possibility of spitting team all over your monitor/keyboard, example would be...

23 of your hard earn sterling for these fine heroes of the imperium...

with no guns I might add.....
$46 of your hard earned sterling for these fine heroes of the wild west....
roughly converted you would be looking at about 28 quid plus postage for the union guys, The Forgeworld would be with guns £34 so rocking in at £6.80 a marine, or if you wanted a fairer comparison then the new tactical squad of 10 models is £25 for 10.

If outlaw miniatures do source a supplier for the UK/Europe then this should give the game so stability as well as the usual online discounts that you see for some suppliers.

overall the game plays well and does have alot of cool factor with the weird west/steam punk type feel to it the only thing that I'm not 100% is the bases of the models it increases the size by about 5mm  and going with the terrain that you can get from 4ground and Sarissa precision they are a tad big, Micro art studios have done some buildings for the system but with only a couple available at the moment so I'm on the fence with regards to the bases...