Friday, 13 December 2013

Kickstarter Arrival - Relics Reinforcements

So last summer myself & Coops discovered Relics first-look-relics and earlier this year Tor Gaming ran a kickstarter to flesh out the line of models for relics along with an updated rule book.

the target date for delivery was back in June but due to various issues and the fact that Tor Gaming is a very small company I eventually got my delivery come though last week, now I'm sure some people out there would have moaned about it and all that jazz but as I was kept updated via the kickstarter page I sat and waited for my goodies to arrive.

So lets have a look at whats gonna get added to the Orcnar forces and get painted up some time next year!

I'll start off with the rule book, now as rule books go this is a real sexy bit of kit, A5 which is a good size so I can smuggle it into work and not get asked "whats that" like I had the other week from my area manager with the Fanticide rule book.

The quaility of the book is as good at the warzone book and thats a fine tomb,

So the front of the book, looks pretty kinda reminds me of a old book that you'd find your grandads shelf that would have that smell when you opened it,

not sure why this is upside down? bloody voodoo magic....

so the biggest gripe that I had with the Mk1 rule book was to font that was used within, great idea but made it bloody hard to read, this time Gav over at Tor gaming has listened to the feedback or seen sense? and the Mk2 book is spot on, I'm very impressed with the quaility of the layout, pictures and overall readbility, now I've not actually had a chance to get into the book and have a look at the rules and the like but will do no doubt 10 mins before a game!

the artwork is lovey and I got a couple of postcards in my kickstarter which will go on the wall of pledges!

each unit has a 2 page spread with some fluff and some have a picture with all the rules on the other page.

now my biggest question with regards to the rule book is how can Tor Gaming sell this for £18 its very good for that price. Much better than some others I've read in the past if your reading Wyrd this is how ME2 should have been, not that soft back rubbish!!

now onto the bits that matters the models!

I picked up a spatga basicly a puking dog type thing!

A second disco dancing Niwian,

some wound markers, I only ordered 4 but got 6, so a bonus!!

A blister of Nappa's, didn't really think about this one as the unit size is 6 - 9 so in the good old Anton Tradation I'll get another 2 blisters for a max unit size also £6.50 for three they are quite reasonable.

now as these are baby unmann, and in the game these actaully have a chance of growing up so I'll need some spare unmann as well what a shame eh, more toys woohoo!

One of the models that I was looking forward to getting was my Ealdmoder, game wise its great unit can lick models better and produce difficult terrain from turn to turn.

Also remind me of various ex-mother-in-laws to be!

and finally I got some Angilde, these dudes are mutants who are shunned by the rest of the race, and have various rules to represent that they also scout as well so can set up outside your deployment zone which is quite useful for getting into the gunlines and causing mayhem! 

as I'd only blue tac'd the other bits togeather this is what they will look like...

I also picked up a couple of docga's as Coops hates them so much!

So overall a good haul from a successful kickstarter and I'll look forward to running towards various people and trying to beat them up!