Friday, 27 December 2013

Deadzone cover & Plague

After playing a few games of deadzone I went digging into my "extensive" collection of bits and dug out some sci-fi terrain that I was going to do "something" with and splashed some paint on these for deadzone,

I've been a busy boy!

nice and simple technique I've used on these, base colours then sponged a browny black straight over, followed by some metal for a quick weathered look,

I made up one of these palletts a while back so decided to crank out the rest,

again nice and quick, base colours, wash in the groves, apply some transfers and sponge weathered,

Drybrush necron compound, soft army painter wash, pick out some areas with the orange and sponge weather, 

And thats it a shag load of cover sorted out for a multiude of systems,but it didn't stop there I decided to splash some paint on the Plague as I've been enjoying using them on the table,

nice and simple, nothing too special but good enough that when you look at the models close up they don't look like a train wreck!

I picked up some gamesworkshop technical paint Blood for the Blood god (nice and catchy!) and had a play with the stage 1, 2's and dogs and they came out excellent!

I'm going to get some more of the new techincal paints and play about with them and see what other bits I can make look pretty!