Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 the Summary!

Another year old another year wiser and all that jazz...

So what a great year its been for the Anarchy it still lives and the pledge has been excellent with not just treading water with my purchases actually making some small in roads into the unpainted mass of models that I still have kicking about.

Crank it up!


Sucked back into 40K...

Rather than being sensible I decide to do the 5th Company as you do...


The Kursk board had it outing at Hammerhead, I also decided to buy an entire Russian army in 20mm, 200 infantry/guns and 27 tanks, as you do.....

A superb job by Coops and went down very well!


The 5th Company was coming along nicely....

and picked up a faction for Merc's (system 1)


Moving house & Salute in the same month was going to be interesting...

and Dan being his usual sexual god...


A Dreadball Torney & faffing about with RTV rubber!


The Kursk Board went to Expo with some reinforcements...

and pondered over the amount of plastic crack that I really do have!

humm... 31 systems....


I picked up the Cryiss starter set (still not used them!)

And wandered over to the warlord open day which was actually quite good!


In a moment of kindness I did a 4x4 bolt action board for the club over in coalville, which the local kids are still using and hasn't been destroyed yet!

Isla enjoyed playing with the trees,

Picked up a second fleet for D-wars and actually managed to get a game in with them!


A tough choice christening or Partizan? I managed both!

so from this....

to this within 2 hours...

this was also the month of "systems"

Fanticide, Rohin & Deadmans Hand (systems 2 - 4)

I had another "moment"


I painted up a second D-wars army (and I'm still yet to use them!)

I also started painting up yet another 40K army that I've had for years for a tale of x gamers for the local club which I'll preview next year as I'd forgotten about them until now!

Nick, Phil, Coops, Lee & Myself wandered over to the Derby show and played on the biggest board with the most amount of tanks that I'd ever seen!

and walked away with best in show!


My Warzone kickstarter arrived, (system 5)

and wandered up to Leeds with Nick to play some fanticide


Myself and Rob went over to Telford for the first warzone convention/open day and bought lots of resin crack and nearly made sweet love to the salesman! 

To help support a local club I signed up for a Kings of War Torney and in the usual Anton fashion wanted a fully painted army

Didn't finish dead last but had a bloody good time so I've already signed up for Battlemasters 2014, and so should you....

Do it!


Went mental painting warzone stuff doing most of the Legion stuff within a couple of weeks, The world turned up to the mantic open day to get the deadzone kickstarters including myself & Rob (system 6) and actually managed to resist picking up Judge Dredd!

Another "good idea" was to get a Fae army for fanticide as Northstar miniatures were having a sale so I effectively bought all of it and then painted it!

My Relics stuff turns up and Wild West Exodus (system 7) arrives in time for Christmas and nothings missing!

So apart from the usual painting a million models for all the systems under the world, its been a year of trade shows with the Battlegroup system. Nick's Modern system and Fanticide lots of travelling and rolling dice!
Moving house has forced my hand to keep my "mancave" tidy and helped me from picking up too many systems with a mere 7 systems for 2013 with two of those coming from kickstarter it was quite a "light" year I was really adding to systems that I'd already got.

So onto the "pledge"


Bought - 70
Painted - 133
Difference +63


Bought - 763
Painted - 859
Difference + 96

Compared to the previous years,

                    2010            2011           2012     2013
Bought        469              1238           407        763
Painted        513              1245           563        859
Diff             +44               +7              +156      +96

I nearly doubled my bought & painted count but when looking to see what I'd actually bought its all sorts of odds and sods mainly Dark Angels which I really need to finish, 20mm WW2 Russians,some 15mm Grunts stuff and then my kickstarter stuff that came through.

I'm a bit surprised that I managed to actually finish in the black with the weather being so nice for once and with the time off was spent down the park with Isla being a "responsible" parent...

and all the kickstarters that came in towards the end of the year.

So the stat thing, it did become a bit of a burden with setting myself a challenge of keeping the hits above a certain number, not sure why maybe I'm pushing for view but when I think about it it shouldn't matter as this isn't my job!

over 3,000 hits a month, yup I'll take that!

The Future....

Well I've been given the "blessing" that my better half will bugger off out and I'll get my geek on so gonna arrange a night with a couple of guys and get a game in, also give me an excuse to actually do a board and I'm going to be messing about with a jungle board so keep an eye out for that, the materials are all in I've just got to get on with it!

Systems wise All quiet on the martian front and Myth should be arriving early(ish) next year and May(ish) will bring AVP from prodos & War & Empire (15mm ancients) from westwind so thats 4 straight away and what ever will tempt me in between.

The Fallen...

Kenneth "The Don" Evans (Grandad)

Paul "Popey" Millis (Dad)

Huge thanks to all my followers and thank you for your time and may 2014 be an action packed rollercoster ride!

Special mention to my sister & Nadine

Cheers for the support over the last 12 months you've both been an absolute stars!