Friday, 20 December 2013

Fanticide Fae ready for action!

So about a month ago Northstar miniatures were doing clearance on bits of fanticide and I managed to nab a far old chunk of the stuff, well according to Nick I cleared them out!

So after some faffing about and the realisation that my WWX kickstarter is due to arrive sometime this month I needed to get my ass into gear and crack on with some models, but why paint the fae?

Well I really like Fanticide and if people are interested in learning/playing the game then two nicely painted armies goes along way, add the fact that it was a simple task of batch painting all the infantry and some dry brushing of the trees it seemed fairly straight forward.

Then came the usual task of how to paint them, rather than the scheme that alien dungeon have done...

I wanted something a little different, so in a flash of inspiration I went ploughing through google images for this..

the faun from pans labyrinth, if you;ve not seen the film its worth watching quite weird but very good.

So the idea for the Fae was to make them more dark forest creatures rather than "nice guys" like in the lion witch and wardrobe. I spoke to a couple of people to get ideas and zapped up two test models to see what people thought

after some feedback and the like I went with the reddy brown and engaged the painting machine to get this lot done,

So in the traditional group shot, you've two units of crushers, 2 units of stickers, 2 units of shootist's, legend, master with retinue and a monster. far more than needed but I've now plenty of choice and if myself and Nick decide to get some games in I've two core forces to choose from.

first lot of cannon fodder and the PVA is still drying before anyone mentions ought dodgy....

the other wave to go in,

the legend and just behind him the master,

and finally the trees of doooommmmmm..... or crushers in game terms, so apart from the 12 stands of peeves being brownies & sprites along with their masters the Fae are 95% done.

As Santa will be doing his yearly rounds next week I might as well look at the pledge,

Bought - 83 (including the WWX kickstarter)
Painted - 116 (so far)

Difference + 33

now the more savey of you out there might ask yourself 116 where are these models??  rest assured my followers these will be revealed soon!

I'm looking forward to my end of year refection, so many cool things have happened in the hobby during 2013.