Friday, 20 December 2013

Yeeha! Wild West Exodus Kickstarter arrives!

Seeing all the pictures floating about the net of the WWX stuff I was really looking forward to this one turning up!

a while back I ordered a gencon only model that I don't think I've posted up?

he's been in this unpainted state for quite a while!

quite a bit model compared to some others, L - R Deadmans hand, Batman SWAT team, WWX, D legions, 40K

I think its the base being nearly twice as big as the rest that gives it a huge size and something of a ponder factor, do I use the official bases or get some 3mm ones from warbases.

So onto the fairly big box that I got this afternoon.

Outlaw sprue

close up of the detail, very crisp!

the other union sprue,

Enlightened sprue

suicide vests?

the other enlightened sprue

legs and torso's

plastic tokens


more close up, I think the detail looks a tad "soft" and not as crisp as I expected, but we'll see what it looks like when it paints up,

Ladies or the wild west, one for each faction

Iron horse

enlightened special weapon

plastic merc

the print on the cards is quite nice, however it does appear to be two sizes with some being a tad bigger than the others, quality control needs to be looked at on this front.

some templates, they'll do the job but just being clear is a tad naff compared to the infinity ones you can get

enlightened number 13

outlaw iron hide, a huge amount of resin!

dark council member & totem

Outlaw Frank

Outlaw Cole

enlightened Doc

outlaw sniper even though on the sprue it says union?

outlaw shot gun

I got a few other models as well but the photo's are upside down and photobucket/blogger won't display them the right way round. 

so the book a huge tomb of a hard back about the same thickness of the warzone book, 

the pathetic contents page. oh and there is no index either good look on finding that one particular rule part way though a game! 

200 odd pages of "fluff" was that really needed? personally no, a bit OTT for me.

on a positive note the actual layout is good,

So overall not a bad haul, initial thoughts would be, 

Badly packed -  everything in bags with no indication of what model is what, I understand its a kickstarter but come on give us a fighting chance of working out what we've got.

Miss packs - I'd added on the wave 2 outlaw box ticked off on the sheet no bits in the box, I hadn't realised that on one sprue you get 10 models! and got an additional set of templates and tokens? lets see what response that outlaw give us with regards to this situation, but compared to Rob I'm doing great he's missing shag loads! 

Rulebook - Can't quite understand why you would have 200 pages of story and no index or detailed contents page, if this does get a reprint they need to get this sorted. 

Mini's yep they are spot on, look great not sure on the bases as I'd like to use the buildings I've got for dead mans hand so some thinking might be needed.

and there you have it, all the way from the good old US of A and only missing 2 sprues! missing nothing!

its gonna be the new year before I can get a game in, and as I'm really enjoying deadzone at the moment its gonna have to be a tight system.