Wednesday, 27 November 2013

2014 Gaming Calendar

So with NORAD firing up the santa tracking soon, its time to get your time booked off with your better half's and look at the 2014 show/gaming schedule.

Some of these are yet to be confirmed hence the question marks, however if you have a local show or torney then pop a comment below and I'll update the list.

Jan -

5th Penkridge Wargames Tabletop Sale
25th - Crusade

Feb -

2nd Vapnartak
15th Call to Arms
23rd Cavalier

Mar -

1st Hammerhead
2nd Overlord
8th Albanich
9th West Midlands Militry show
16th Skirmish

22nd A Call To Muster 2014
30th Cannon

Apr -

12th - Salute

May -

3rd Legionary
4th - X-wing Leicester Phat Cats

10th - Carronade
18/19th? - Triples

30/1st - Expo
31st Fisticuffs

June -

1st? - Wappinshaw
1st - Partizan
8th - Broadside 
14th - Phalanx
28th - Wartorn

July -

TBC Bovington
TBC Attack

Aug -

3rd - Claymore
TBC - Ruinstorm 2014 40K Torney Leicester Phat Cats
31st? - Border Reivers

Sep -

1st? - Border Reivers
7th - Other Partizan
14/15th? - Colours CANCELLED
16th - Skirmish

Oct -

4/5th - Derby Wargames Show
4th Blast-tastic
11th Battlemasters Kings of War Torney Loughborough Dice Devils
19th? - Skelp!page4/cfvg
27th? - Fiasco

Nov -

29th - Battleground

1st - Crisis
15/16th - Warfare

Dec -

6th Dec - Recon The blog page is out of date, but my google-fu couldn't find anything else?