Sunday, 3 November 2013

Warzone Resurrection Convention/Openday at Telford STAG's

Myself and Rob jumped into the batmobile and headed west via a very dodgy satnav and eventually ended up in Telford,

the "mission" was for Rob to pick up his kickstarter and for myself to get my rule book and cards, however as all good plans it went to pot when we saw the models in the cabinet.....

to be honest the guys could have done with a couple more of the traditional ikea glass cabinets as they were stacked and racked with resin goodness, so much to look at and most of it pleasing to the eye.

a couple of the models didn't really float my boat, one was the armoured hussars juggernauts the weapons look a bit weedy for them, the other was the Judicator the pose is ok but looked too much like a lump of resin, some detail on the cloak would have been nice.

So considering that Prodos have made about 200 models only two that don't turn me on is a pretty good hit ratio! 

The Telford STAG's have a cracking venue and meet up once a fortnight on a Sunday and have about 30 warzone players so I'm planning on wandering over once a month(ish) and getting a game in, 

apart from the open gaming area which looked great with the scenery, there was a area for card games, RPG's and monging

there was a painting compo, with some cracking entries I would have given it a crack if I hadn't been busy with work and cranking out naughty dwarves for the dice devils torney on the 16th 

So whilst munching on lunch myself and Rob flicked though the shiney rule book and sussed out whats classed as a "mastercard" unit, 

So the book is hardback, that straight away is a winner in my eyes! Shame the malifaux ME2 book wasn;t the same,

the quality of the book is superb with full colour throughout and loads of nice little touches,

god knows whats going on here.... bloody blogger/photobucket!

So for a mere £35 you get a whopping tomb, and it looks good whilst you bludgeon your annoying sideliners to death with it... 

But due to this man on the right with the V on his sleeve...

He gave myself and Rob a cracking intro taking us though the system and answering all my annoying questions that games ask... most important one "Can you pre-measure?"

then tie in this whispering devil... 

and I walked away with another legion starter set, some necro mutats

a convention only model that has additional missions that you can play, 

some necromutant squad leaders

and after some pondering a couple of the beast riders

overall a good day, chatted to loads of randoms and the atmosphere was nice and relaxed throughout. 

Myself and Rob are gonna get together at some point in the next few weeks and get our geek on, and Rob from Prodos has given us an open invite to Lemington Spa for a game as well which I'll be taking him up on the offer, 

All I need to do is splash some paint on these bad boys and we're good to go, Move over 40K Warzone has landed!!