Sunday, 10 November 2013

Kings of War Abyssal Dwarves army complete!

Indeed its a rare moment that a wargamer can actually say that they have "finished" an army, due to the fact that you always add extra bits as the arms race between you and your gaming group is always on going.

With this lovey lot I can say that they are complete as I've painted the naughty dwarfs up for a tournament next weekend at Loughborough Dice Devils,

The points limit is 1750, and this lot is about their I just need to throw some magic items in and its all good to go!

there are that many models I had to extend my usual photo taking area!

Decimators with black souls behind, these I did a while back so have simply finished them off with some of my special mix flock

one of the two halfbreed units, rather than the red that most people have gone for I went green to tie the colours in with the rest of the army and they also reminds me of mini dragon ogres for some reason?

more decimators with immortal guard behind, again these have been collecting dust on the shelf

Halfbreed champion and a sorcerer, so quick to paint it wasn't funny!

2 Ankor mortars, these are on a recommendation so I'm expecting big things if they hit!

2 Katsuchan rocket launchers, I'd got these in a deal I did with a chap on facebook so I figured why not!

I needed to do a 20 man unit of black souls, 20 halfbreeds, 4 warmachines and the 2 leaders so that I could field a fully painted army and managed to achieve it well before the actual deadline so I'm very happy with the final slog and looking at my painting table it's actually clear of models to paint so I need to fill it up with some stuff!!

As I've only played a couple of games of Kings of War any tips for a noob?