Friday, 22 November 2013

First Look : Warzone Ressurrection

A couple of weeks ago myself and Rob managed to get a cheeky game of Warzone in and these are my thoughts...

I decided to really challenge the rule set by bringing a complete novice into the game who has no knowledge of wargaming and see how the rules came across.

So as myself and Rob hadn't read all the rules I decided to keep it quite basic, Rob on the other hand wanted to go whole hog and hardcore it!

We decided to keep it simple and just use the basic starter sets, Rob however used a doom trooper as his commander.

So a nice simple mission so that we could focus on the rules and the like, Capture the centre of the table. The Legion being commanded by the noob known as Salma and yes she's a girl...

Camera shy but hey you can't have it all. The legion were set up in the middle ready to race for the objective and Rob's Brotherhood where Split into three assault groups, doom trooper with some dudes on left, some dudes in the middle and a robot thingy on the right, 

Rob managed to get range on a group of undead legionnaires and blasted some, at this point Salma got that killer instinct in her eyes and went turbo on me! 

The Razman and a unit of legionnaires  go bouncing into cover and this is where the first rule mistake crops up, I thought that if you burnt a resource card then you can ignore light and heavy cover you can only if its an engage action, that's charging to the masses! Opps! 

After some exchange of fire and shifting about Alaknai the Rockhard charged a bunch of Rob's brotherhood chaps, and Salma got her rocks off killing then ones in combat range off and getting a free 2 inch move into the rest for the next turn. 

at this point it was all down hill for Rob, Alaknai took out the robot thingy, and the Razman shot the snot out of the unit aptly by the grave yard! then the last remaining unit of legionnaire's jump onto the objective and that's game to Salama and the Legion!

So the Actual game system them -


A couple of weird factors to get your head round, its a D20 system, and each model activates with two action points like warmachine/infinity, so for example a 5 man unit would activate and each model has to do its two actions before the next model is activated and simply rinse and repeat until the unit is done and your opponent then gets a unit to activate, nice and easy and you can do multiple things so your HMG could soft up a unit and a couple of guys can charge in whilst the rest of the unit shoot something else its that versatile!

your commander and unit leader give you resource cards which you can "turn to burn" to do special actions if you start losing said squad leaders etc then you lose the resource cards, easy example is when Salma activated Alaknai she turned to burn a card for an extra attack.

Other nice touches are that the stronger you are the more minus modifiers you have to your armour save so strength 10 will give you 0, 11 is -1 and so on, if you charge you have extra strength on the turn you charge and if your jumping from a height that adds extra strength to the attach, you can also do squad actions where three guys can combine fire or swarm a target in combat.

You can effectively trample with larger models and actually pick up and throw people away, or into charge range of something else! one of the ones I liked was hold him down and you get to re-roll combat attacks. Loads of scope for fun playability and I've not even read the armour rules or construct your own bossman bit yet!


The system was around a while back and the kickstarter was a huge success so loads of models are available already and if I was offered a game of warzone or 40K I'd choose warzone I like it that much the background is cool, and the way that the rules work are very simple I can see this one lasting a while,


This is what attracted me to this game when I was first given the heads up by Rob over at Lemington via the book of face, and if I had known at the time how good the models came out I would have pledged alot more.

The resin is a nice material and casting tip top, detail is really nice and you don't have to wash them like you do with most resins, they take washes really nice and likewise can be dry brushed quite easily as well.

Prodos have delivered a great game with a veteran fan base and actually listen to the masses, with a Torney planned in for Feb over at Telford I'll be strutting my stuff over there with either my Legion or Cybertronic I just need to decide which one! For those people who want the good old Brits then mutter from the gutter is Salute 2014 is the release date for those.

And as always keeping in traditional "Anton" I've splashed some paint on the legion, I decided to get the cannon fodder done first and with some great feedback from the facebook page these unwashed nasties are sorted!

I've gone a bit "twinky" on the bases but I decided to play about with some army painter tufts I've had for ages, over all I'm happy with these and I also decided to get some necromutants done as well.

I just need to base these the same and jobs a good un! I wasn't too sure on the skin tone as in the rule book you don't have a gallery of the models so I kinda went for the recently converted blokes gone mad look.

I also watched pacific rim and saw the T-90 crew and had a vision....

but I'm gonna work on the legion first then on to the Russian speaking robots!