Saturday, 2 November 2013

Terraclips - quick review,

After one of the guys at the Coalville Spartans picked up a terraclips set, I asked him to do a quick rundown on the product and this is what came through...

Hi all, 

Made the decision to buy some terraclips scenery for manufacturing. Wasn't sure at first, read a few reviews then went for it, I got the sewer set, ordered from troll trader on eBay. At 35 quid, plus 12 for the clips it's not 'cheap' but worth it.

On opening the box, you are faced with 16 sheets of beautifully printed card, not quite a3 size.
That's when possibly the most annoying part starts, removing the pieces from the frames. The large bits are easy and fine, it's the fiddly bits that require patience and a craft knife. There is the chance of tearing the card if you're not careful.

Once that is over (40 mins!) Then the fun bit. I put the steps and ladders together first, bit fiddly again, but nice, then I connected a small section for you to see how it all goes together.

Overall, impressive. When you first take a sheet out the box, it is floppy...doesn't bode well. But the individual parts are quite sturdy. As I said, the print quality is superb, and the pieces fit nicely together.
A nice touch is the addition of scheme tokens, as you can see from the corpse marker. Makes the provenance little easier to take!

If you need easy to store scenery, go for the clips!

So initial finding look quite positive, personally for me until I can handle the stuff I'm still undecided, and when it comes to constructing a building/board I need inspiration from a visual source rather then just winging it!

any one got any experience with terraclips as its been out a while now?