Monday, 28 October 2013

Fasico 2013 - Demo'ing Fanticide

Myself and Nick wandered up to Fiasco at Leeds Royal Armoury on Sunday to roll some dice and spread the word on Fanticide.

we had a fairly good spot being in the corner near warbases and some other traders that the name escapes me!

The show started very well with lots of foot traffic coming though the hall, and lots of nice comments about the board and the models, not sure if it was me but the punters seemed more willing to chat and not as much hard work, Might be the fact that we were in the north of the country? who knows!!

Throughout the day myself and nick played a very slow game as we put the gaming world to rights with subjects ranging from plastic resin to the lack of support for the secondary systems by GW, I also discovered that Nick has a lot of experience in the gaming industry and this made for some very interesting conversations so I actually learnt quite a bit though out the day.

Whilst Nick was demoing a game to two lads who actually hunted the table down I zapped round and snapped some pic of the tables,

the table next to us a rowing boat type thing looked really good, and the use of the fabric for the water is spot on!

some 6mm loving, the square removable areas for terrain was interesting some thing to remember.

some warmachine action,

and Mantic being demo'd but on one really selling it?

as usual I'm a sucker for teddy bear fur and this was a cracking table,

Bit of the old desert in 20mm

and I managed to just snap a quick pic of LRDG raid on an Italian/German air field, I would have liked to give this a crack and will keep my eye out for this at other shows.

A lovely looking mad max/freeway fighter game, models were really well made and looked great!

Overall not a bad show, quite a few traders and the venue was fairly good, the 2 hourish drive wasn't too bad going up but coming down I was nearly falling asleep and responding with grunts to Nick as he was talking to me.  I didn't manage to get to wander into the actual armouries though but I'm sure when Isla is a little older then we'll be going up to look at the cool stuff.

one of the trade stand that caught my eye was zinge industries, and the bendy resin that they on show, some great bits for conversions, and with bendy resin bullet belts the mexican orks can be done!

So as its nearly the end of the month lets look at the "pledge"

Bought - 29
Painted - 92
Difference + 63

Well this is going well, I'm not including the kickstarter stuff that I got from Warzone yet as I need to finish sticking them together and do a body count so these will be slotted onto Novembers "bought" as well as the Wild Wext Exodus which should be on its way soon and end of November for Deadzone.

It looks like its gonna be a busy end of year gaming and painting wise,

I'm off to the Prodos/Warzone Convention/Open Day on the 2nd November with Rob from Hinckley so that should be a laugh as he's more mental than me when it come to gaming, and I'm sure his wife will relish the fact that she gets rid of him for the day ;)

So pictures and the like will follow on that one.