Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Warzone Resurrection Kickstarter arrives!

This is one of the Kickstater packages that I've been looking forward to hitting my door step, and Prodos games did not disappoint!

So being work up at about half 10 for this didn't bother me at all, well packed and stuffed with models!

I got dice, templates and some cards in the box but who wants to see those! after all is the toys we're intrested in!

So the Cybertronic stuff first,

The chasseurs on the sprue,

 The Cuirassier Attila on the sprue

The Enhanced Machinators on the sprue

The Immortal on the sprue

So initial impressions are simply WOW! great detail and really well cast, hardly any flash to get rid of and the actual resin material is pretty good with a bit of bend in it so that swords and the like wont snap when you look at them! 

So I decided to sick one of each together for a better look at the model

the Cuirassier Attila or now to be known as attila can with two head options, a metal skull type head or the helmet version, the chasseur was a bit of a bugger to stick together as I went down the route of the left arm holding the gun pose and couldn't get a gun arm and support arm to fit to my pose so as the resin is very easy to work with I cut some of it away and job is a good un! It will need a bit of green stuff but that's a 2 minute job.

the Enhanced Machinators are massive models and I really like them, with the assembly no worries simply banged them together in a matter of minutes, The immortal was even easier a 4 piece model! not sure if you can have more than one in your force so an alternative sculpt would be nice but not essential

So then it was the Dark Legion, 

Undead Legionaires on the sprue

Golgotha on the sprue

and the other side

Razide on the sprue

Praetorian Stalkers on the sprue

So again I put some together for a better look, 

with the undead legionaire again no issues and as its a zombie troop type the pose of the gun fits well with the feel of the model, the stalker has some great detail but I had trouble with getting the weapon and support arms to meet up, not sure if that was me being special though but with enough super glue and swearing you can stick anything together!

the Razide went together quite easily match up the muscle structure and away you go, a bit of green stuff for the gaps and that's sorted!

now this bad boy Alakhai the Cunning not sure why he's cunning I can see exactly what hes going to do! is a four piece model two arms head and body, boom done!!

I'll get round to Golotha when I have sorted out some space and finished off various bits for up and coming shows and tournaments.

So lets get down to the nitty gritty..

Comparing this to the previous kick starters that I've pledged to its been a fairly smooth one, had a delay with various odds and sods but nothing major and the communication from Prodos has been consistent and honest which I like.

The models exceed my personal expectations on what I was going to have turn up in the post, comparing it to dreadball these are far superior and only a few tweaks need to be made and they are as good as GW stuff. The tweaks would be assembly of the actual models you might get instructions or a guide on the site at some point say x arm goes with y arm but if that's all I can criticise on then its not bad at all!

The material is nice to work with and the assembly was easy enough the bond time with super glue is seconds but I discovered that if your quick enough and putt the joint off then as you have a bit of super glue on both sides it goes to the usual 5-10 seconds bonding time.

My only regret is not pledging more on this stuff as the quality is fantastic, I like the look and feel of what I've bought and can't wait to get some paint splashed on this lot. 

now if you want to get in on the action Prodos are offering 10% discount on pre-orders but as people are now starting to get the kickstarters come though now is the time to decide if you want to take advantage of this pre-order deal, I'm going to get some more odds and sods as I went with the "rule of cool" for what I ordered so now its time to make a playable force!

I'm off to the open day on the 3rd November so I'm going to get the rest of my order books and stuff then, can I get some bits painted for the open day yea I'm sure I can god knows what though as its all so nice!