Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Getting prepped for Fiasco or Fly my pretties!

Back at the Deby show I was talking to Nick who was running the Fanticide demo table and the Leeds show of Fiasco came up,

This is one that I didn't know about and after finding out that it was in the royal armouries I was very intrested as I'd been to the Royal Armouries about 10ish years ago and throughly enjoyed it at the time,

you know when you getting old when you get excited by this kinda thing! 

It started as a bit of a road trip to have a wander around and look at cool stuff as you do, and an excuse to plan my next lot of purchases. however a suggestion of running a demo board cropped up in conversation and after a quick email a spot came up!

as this all happened in a couple of days I was a tad surpised to say the least and then the golden question of "can you get your army painted" presented itself!

Now not one to back off from a challange the bar was set and off I went, so with brew in hand and conversations via messageme the idea came up for the flying monkeys from the wizard of oz, so after some google image searching I found this to be my favourite,

now with the Fanticide models the wings were more leather/bat type wings rather than the feathers, the black and red on the waist coat and hat looked nice, but at 28mm I'll be honest I couldn't be arsed to do that for the 35 odd models that I had to crack out.

Rather than painting units I decided to do the whole army production style, so after the initial undercoat

and some well used time on lunch at work,

the monkeys were coming along nicely,

and within a weekish I'm managed to get the whole lot done, all I need to do now is read the rules and I'm set for the day!

so if you up at Fiasco ( linky link) then pop on over and say hello!