Sunday, 17 November 2013

Battlemasters 2013 - The dust settles....

With all the prep of painting the Naughty Dwarves ready for the torney one slight thing had slipped my mind...

How to play Kings of War!

So with this "oversight" I started to flick through the book, however Isla had other ideas and and wanted to play with play dough!

But Beasts of War came to my rescue as they had just done a KOW week and had done a battle report that took you through the basics of the game, so after a hourish of watching the two guys beat the snot out of each other I'd got a grasp of the rules, in the back of my mind I was thinking is that it? Surely it can't be that simple!

 Beasts of war kings-of-war hub

The other thought that hit me was the timed games, now I've not done any torney scene since Warmachine at Expo back in 2010 so did I still have the knack be a nice chap to play but also play a 1750 point game in 90 mins so 45 mins per player?

Game One -

Carl with Elves and some weird looking models that looked really cool, I owned up saying that this would be my second game of KOW and Carl was a cracking opponent to play explaining things as he did them (one interesting once is that you don't have to charge the closest unit!) and also giving me some feedback after the game with how to use certain aspects of the army, even Ronnie piped in and gave some words of wisdom, in a nutshell I was told not to be a pussy and charge with the half breeds!

A rare photo of me on my blog!

Game Two -

Andy with a Kingdom of Men army all out of perry models, really scary looking army with loads of units and cavalry all over the place, again a lovely chap to play against and I was very surprised to actually win this game, mind you the decimators were on fire for this game and with once breath attack caused about 14 damage on a huge unit of pikemen, who then decided to go back to the pub!  


Sharad had invited Ronnie & Alessio from Mantic/Riverhorse games who hung about in the morning and chatted to the players, As Alessio had written the rules for KOW there was some discussion with regards to line of sight and charge lanes and other stuff like that, personally I was more interested that Ronnie had bought some of his deadzone models that he was banging together and also chatting about deadzone in general as well as the next steps for dreadball which were really interesting and good to see that the systems will develop as time on rather than just stagnate.

According to Sharad Ronnie really liked my naughty dwarves and made an appearance on his facebook page!

Game Three -

I drew my fanticide mentor Nick and his army was the forces of nature made up of Fanticide models which looked really cool as my flying monkeys were also used. bit of a tough one this was as the earth elementals (I think?) were really tough, some might say rock hard ;)
I managed to squeeze a draw out of this game as the points difference at the end were less than 350, however I was about an inch away from the "secret" objective that  no-one knew about but that would have made no difference anyway.

Game Four -

Name TBC! a five cannon dwarf gun line! so I lined up and braced for impact! it started really bad with units vanishing as the cannons vaporised units with ease, and to protect my own warmachines I had to get my half breeds and immortal guard in on the action, and the immortal guard did a sterling job holding the left flank for 2 or three rounds of combat! Those boys will get promoted to a 20 man unit!

However I nearly did succumb to the dreaded "I'm screwed attitude" but as I wanted to give the guy a good game and I thing he was as shocked as me with the effectiveness of his cannons I carried on going and the rolling for my heavy mortars and rocket launchers were statistically impossible! I was focusing on the units near or holding objectives so I could reduce the additional points that these would give, In the end I had one objective to my opponents none and drew on victory points as again the difference was less than 350 points.

This did actually surprise me as what looked like a whitewash became a bloody affair and the warmachines showed the strength!

So after 1 loss, 1 win and 2 draws, I didn't finish last, didn't place in the top three so over all not a bad outing for my first KOW torney with an hours worth of youtube watching!

I'm sure that Sharad  will be doing a 2014 Battlemasters and I'll be coming along to strut my stuff, I'm tempted by Orc's or Ogres but after some cracking advice from Nick they seem a little lacking in certain areas even though the models are fantastic, bit of a shame really or is that the real challenge...

So I didn't manage to get any pics of the great looking armies as I was rolling dice like a mad man, but the standings...

The highly prized wooden spoon....

Third place....

Second Place....

And the Battlemaster 2013....

Most fluffy Army/Background..

Big man hugs to Sharad for running a cracking day! Bloody good job!!

note the table for scale ;)