Monday, 31 May 2010

Misson Impossible Day Three

To quote Ross "are you a painting superhero?"

Well I might have to agree....

Now I've been told that the "reindeer" are called raptors... Na I'll continue to call them reindeer ;)

Only the skin left to do on those do good as done,

The Archers/bowmen also know as blighted archers, are done and dusted,

The samurai sword welding loonies boringly names as blighted swordsmen only need there skin doing so again good as done

The Shepard, sort out the skin and again thats done

Now this is where the plan kinda fell over I was quite happy pumping these guys out and ran out of black ink, so if it wasn't for that these would be done, but hey ho I've plently of time now so decided to crack on with the new cryx caster that was released last week...

Now all I've gotta do on this guy is the inking and I was going to go for a greeny glow effect on the groves in the shoulders as well as the weapon and the top of his thighs

Now I've had these kicking around for ages so whilst I was in "warmachine" mode painting wise I thought I'd crank these out as well!

So onto the pledge....

Thanks to Danny asking me to paint his army that has put me very much in the black, something that I wasn't expected to happen, I enjoyed doing the commission work so might try my had at it and see what happens,

Bought    Painted
    33          44

Comments welcome as always,

Cheers Anton,