Thursday, 6 May 2010

Oblit's ready to go & noise marine rhino

Just a quick update with the pre-sprayed oblits and the noise marine rhino that I've done over the last couple of days,

So the green stuff looks "ok" I've never been any good at the apart from filling! but it'll do.

I've also put the sand on parts of the tracked units to give it that dirty JCB look.

And whilst I had the "mojo" for converting I decided to get the noise marine rhino done, I banged the body together along with the spaced armour and doors and then sat there trying to decide how to "noise marine" it up? now I didn't want it covered in spikey bits so with a bit of faffing about I converted havoc launchers into huge speakers! and then wired them into the transport compartment so that it could represent a fire point and also look cool at the same time.

I then hit it with a dremal and did the usual bullet holes, and took the edges off some parts, but the quite is do I do any more or would you consider that enough?

A close up of the speaker unit, basicly a havoc launcher turned on its side with the rear plate on and the speaker on the front, I chopped the stand for it so that it fitted and the job is a good un!!

Comments welcome as always,

Cheers Anton.