Monday, 3 May 2010

Month end update April & WIP

Well that one went by fast!

so what did I manage to get done in the "hours & days" leading up to the end of the month???

Well I finished the third squad of noise marines, and then promptly went on ebay and got a shag load more bits for the "children"

and what I've done so far, I'm going to do an "assault" unit so the same heads and paint scheme to be lead by Lucuis mounted in a rhino, maybe... who knows!

After a sound kicking from Jack at warmachine a couple of weeks ago I decided to paint tartrus aka tartar sauce, well if I carn't beat him on the table at least I can show him what a fully painted army looks like ;)

he was painted using the same technique as the bane knights and the bane thralls, the washes make the painting of metals so easy now, it feels like cheating but nice guys finish last!

Whilst I was on a roll I finished off the firestorm armada escorts so there ready to get the bejesus shot out of them, well according to Ross anyway but we'll have to see on that on, hell I might even do a battle report showing my glorious win or crushing loss!!

So onto whats coming up.....

Getting ready for the steamroller torney at expo in a couple of months time I decided that tartus needed some more mates to wander around the table and ruin peoples day!

so a full bane thrall unit with the new unit attachment, I forgot how expensive it is to have full metal models!

Now I follow a chap called dave taylor over at Dave's Blog and drool over his conversion work and scratch building this guy really does have some skills and inspired me to do some that has pushed me outside my comfort zone,

and after "discussing" with Spencer various things about oblitrators from the chaos codex I decided to give them a crack, I'll happly admit that on paper they didn't really appeal to me and I don't really field that much heavy support apart from vindicators I love them combined with the lash of submission makes me smile just thinking about it!

So this is where I'm at with them so far, still got some green stuff to put on them to give them the man/machine melded togeather look, and the powerfist on the "las cannon" one needs finishing off but they are about there and so far I'm quite chuffed with them, I've not done this kind of conversion work for years!

So onto "the pledge"

I knew Salute was going to be a killer, combine that with that I managed to get some emperors child bits and bobs cheap I only just managed to finish in the green!

Bought         Painted
   29                35
So comments welcome as always thanks for you time,