Friday, 28 May 2010

Misson Impossible??

Well what started off as a tongue in cheek remark has now become a personal challange....

I'll explain, Danny from the local gaming club was banging on about how he needed to get his everblight painted for the warmachine torney, but as only being fairly recently being into the hobby doesn't have that much experiance painting.

So old Mr confident here stated I'll paint your army for the right price, I then get a text from Danny earlier this week with the gold question paint my army I'll give you a warmachine pirate army.... well course I said yes so this is what I got last night when I was down the club.....

Now I know bugger all about everblight apart from that fact that they are dirty!! even worse than the cryx!!

So the list of "things" to paint....

3 blokes riding reindeer
8 blokes with bows
6 blokes with bows and long cloaks
7 blokes with samurai type swords
1 shepard (I remembered its name!)
1 bloke pointing to the pub
and two armless metal fellas

so thats 28 models that I need to bang out before the 4th June, 7 calander days from today!

so this week I'll be having an update a day to see how I'm getting along....

I feel the force is strong with me on this one!