Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Monkeys with Harpoons!

Well I've had a very productive (well deserved) day off and was painting like a mad man!!

Not only did I get the noise marine Rhino done, I also managed to crank out an ogrun boarding party for my warmachine cryx army! now these bad boys have eight wounds each and have a special combo attack that they get to twat what ever they drag in with there harpoons! over all sounds good to me!

Now the only reason I decided to get a unit of these was due to stef's trollblood champions and watching the amount of damage that they can take as well as dish out I went on the hunt for the cryx version. Now I'll admit when I first saw them I was a bit humm... to the actual sculpts but as I started to paint them I grew to like them and now strangely enough I love em! loads of little detail on them that I hadn't noticed.

The whole gang, now I'm not great at doing skin heavy models so I kinda went with the flow with these chaps, and I happy with the overall look.

So the rhino, now it looks quite pink in the pictures but isn't that bright in real life,

this little lot seems to have got my painting mojo back and I'm going to be cracking on with a unit of slannesh choosen that I've put togeather, all I really need to do is jigg about the lighting claws that I've got off the space wolf sprue and put some wires onto the models and await the effects that I've ordered from armourcast and they'll be ready to slap some paint on.

I'll more than likely get the converted oblit's done and some soul hunters for the cryx that I've had for years but never done anything with!