Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Warmachine Banethralls

I figured its been a while since I updated and before Spencer starts giving me "that" look I'd do a quick update with whats happening in Ant-Land.....

Well I finally managed to get the bane thralls for my cryx army finished, I wanted to get these done in plenty of time for the expo torney thats happening on the 5th & 6th June rather than the last minute.com factor that the rest of the guys are currently doing, (and some very nice looking stuff I might add)

I'll be honest I struggled to get these guys done for some reason I was in the carn't be arsed to paint mood for quite a while....

But there done so here you go!

As the actual "rank and file" are pretty much all the same I've done some close ups on the unit attachment,

So the new boss man of the unit, really well detailed and lovely to paint

And the standard bearer, now this little guy makes the whole unit tough, god help who ever I play!

Close up of the top of the standard and the "attempt" at some freehand random rune type writing

And thats it!

I need to get the focus back on doing something cool so will be hitting the newly named "bus of love" aka the slannesh rhino, and with a couple of days off work that should be a good deadline for myself to try.

comments welcome as always,