Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Oblit's done and dusted,

Not much to show this week as I've been so busy! but had some bloody good fun though!

How ever I did manage to finish off the converted obliterators and have made a massive leap into the unknown with possessed a 10 man squad in slannesh colours, the armour is done nice and easy like the noise marines but just the deamonic bits to sort out, Now looking at a colour wheel, its telling me either yellow or green is the contrast so I'll be faffing about with that for most of this week.

The Pledge might have taken a beating this month as I picked up a load of chaos marines for next to nothing so I'm well in the red, and with the prices for GW products going up at the end of the month I'm thinking about get some bits and bobs but I'm sure I'll pull it back next month.

Right onto the pictures, the black was a nice challange for myself as I've not painted black for years and I did it with regal blue last time, this time I've gone down the codex grey route and its come out quite nice.

The tracked part came out better than I expected with the sand and hightlighted browns to give it a weathered look, so over all I'm quite pleased with these. I'm tempted to make another 6 of these and max out the heavy support choices but then I'm tempted by converting a baal predator, but only for the side sponson support that you get with that kit compared to the normal one where its weak at the joint.

Cheers Anton,