Sunday, 2 March 2014

Febuary Round up & the pledge....

So another month flies by and we're into March already!

So what else did I manage to crack out his month?

In preperation for show season I've done some more flaming markers for the modern games that we do, turning clump foliage...

into this!

Some of the guys managed to get over to hammerhead this weekend and I blasted out a control tower out for the table

as a brucey bonus the guys walked away with most visually appealing film,

so onto the actual pledge...

Bought - 72
Painted - 116
Differance + 44

so a cracking result for the month and the "bought pile" went a tad mental!

Onto the goals for 2014.....

4x4 Jungle board - in progress....
4x4 old west/wild west exodus board - still outstanding

Finish off some projects:
Cybertronic for warzone - Done
Enforcers for deadzone - Done
Terrain for deadzone - Done 
Enlightened & Outlaws for WWX - in progress....
Zee dreadball team - still outstanding
Malifaux Gremlins - still outstanding
Plague reaper for 40K escalation - still outstanding
Orks for 40K (not finish but do enough for 2K) - still outstanding
Finish off the 5th Company including the drop pods - still outstanding
Orcnar for Relics - still outstanding

New systems & Projects that I've not kickstarted:
Judge Dredd -  Have the rulebook models needed possible salute pick up?
Muskets & Tomahawks - Have the rulebook models needed possible salute pick up?
Italians for boltaction - Have the Army book just need to actually read it!