Thursday, 6 March 2014

adding to the jungle...

With the recent announcement from Prodos that wave two kickstarters will be sorted out soon, I figured I should round off the jungle table.

I was unsure what was needed so as usual I went on gut instinct and ordered a box of Dust quonset huts, price was about 18 quid for 6 of them and overall I'm quite happy with them

scale wise they are spot on as seen by the space marine, the quality of the models are great and dead simple to stick together,

a quick blast of British armour green, and then a light dry brush over that,

hit it with some wash to dirty it up,

paint the window frames black,

and there you have it, super quick and will look great when the whole lot is set up,

I've got some security fences from warmill that I'm going to weather and once they are done that's the jungle board just about done,