Thursday, 20 March 2014

Regiments of Renown the aftermath!

A couple of weeks ago I ran a club night based on the regiments of renown rules that I lifted from the beasts of war website,

After an initial "what do you think?" I suddenly had a bunch of players all chomping at the bit to roll some dice and get it on!

I even put my own list together in case I had odd numbers,

Storm Vermin Fang leader, Armed with enchanted shield, Rathound bodyguard and tailweapon.
2 normal storm vermin
10 clan rats with shield
1 Poison wind globadier
2 night runners

and managed to get these painted up as well, but it wasn't to be I had quite a few comments with the amount of models but hey that's skaven for you!

As usual a couple of people drop out which wasn't a huge problem as it still kept the numbers even, I was unsure how long the games would last so planned for two initialy and in the end managed to get three individual games in with a finial game of light verses dark at the end.

so various pics from the night, loads of fun was had and I'm planning on a second night at some point.