Friday, 28 March 2014

Are Forums going the way of the dino?

Now before I start whaffing this is my personal thoughts on this subject and I'm no web/tech type person just what I see with my mooching about the Internet,

So forums (or ebullient boards if your that old) are they actually any use to the gamer anymore?

The reason I'm going to waffle on this subject is that "back in the day" forums where the place to go for FAQ's new rules down loads and chewing the fat with people who also play the same system.

Best example for me would be mongoose publishing forums, I spent quite a bit of time on them talking about B5, starship troopers and Judge Dredd. I still have friends though that forum and it was a great place to hang out.

However now days I think the forum has seen its day thanks to the dreaded facebook, after all why do I need to long onto a dozen sites when I can fire up face book whilst on the throne and look at what people are chatting about and picture of what they have painted so much easier.

only recently was this reinforced though alien dungeon's forum for all quiet on the martian front, ok so the models and game are yet to arrive but the forums are very slow, and again with the prodos forum they did warzone and AVP once more a slow forum but the facebook group is quite lively.

You do still have some forums that are completely mental and attract a huge amount of interaction, one of many that I can think of would be Lead adventure forum and this covers all manner of systems and types, you still get the odd numpty who shouts the loudest as he thinks X is pants due to X, but I tend to ignore those types.

But its not all about Facebook, you have splintered groups example is the Wild west exodus uk group is separate to the American group and some groups are badly named again the deadzone group being called Containment Protocol DZ fanatics, well thought out if your searching for that!

so I suppose its a double edged sword, but I tend to lean more towards facebook groups as its easier to see whats happening but any FAQ's that are updated some kind soul will normally bang a link up and discussions will go from there the funniest one I saw was the recent aircraft rules for bolt action and yes I did get my popcorn for that one!

anyway what are your thoughts on this?