Monday, 10 March 2014

Gruntz finishing off bits and bobs!

So way back last year I was putting some finishing touches to my gruntz stuff.

Recently whilst looking for something else I stumbled across some extra khurasan minitures so as I had just done my Skaven for my Regiments of Renown I fancied something a little differant before the madness of the Salute board landed on my door step!

so I managed the following lot in a couple of nights,

more VDV power armoured guys.

a load of Federation guys

a scout unit on hover bikes, I'm yet to do a unit card for these guys yet, but I'm sure I'll knock one up 2 hours before a planned game!

a couple of AA gun carriages, the great thing about these are that they are interchangable with the mortar cross supports.

All I need to do for my gruntz is the two doe gunships, the second black ivan and the two interceptors, so now I've even more for my gruntz I suppose I should really get some more games in!