Thursday, 27 February 2014

Saga - Here comes the Vikings....

In a moment of "madness" I've decided to organise a few themed nights at the Phat Cats, one of these nights is a Saga night,

So the idea is that the Vikings are on a raiding mission and its down to the defenders to prevent as much chaos as possible, What I thought would be a "small" game has now expanded to a huge game of 9 people getting involved!

So in the usual "Anton" fashion I decided to make the game that little extra special and rather than a green battlemat with some random scenery I decided to theme the board.

A couple of days ago I mocked up what the board would look like,

as there will be quite a few models on the board I'm tempted to turn the mat sideways and make it 6 foot wide get a second mat and 8 foot long. the blue mat is from my CY6 game and with some books or hills under the shore line will give the board some height.

The clumps of trees are done with reusing the jungle bases that I did,

I picked up a mixed bag of 25 trees for a great price of 20 quid, so add some 50mm bases from warbases and I've an instant forest that can be used for all sorts of stuff and if I pick up some bits for muskets and tomahawks then these will become very useful!

The longboat was a ebay find that I took a punt on...

its a bargain!

so the actual boat covered in models...

and after some paint splashed on the boat,

the boat is simply drybrushed and the shields given some colour with a soft army painter wash and that's about it!

one of the last things that I've done for the board is some livestock,

I picked these up from irregular miniatures now the website isn't the best and I needed to suss out how much postage & paypal extra were going to be but they arrived very quick and the castings are fairly good, the only thing I would change is bigger cows!

So that's the board just about done, all I need to do is dig out some fields that I got for 15mm but would work for 28mm no problem and grab the 4ground terrain that the club has got,

Another thing I'm considering is some kind of 28mm vegetable patch but I'm having trouble finding something that I could use as veg?

I'm in the process of writing up the scenario rules which I'll post up after the game as each side will have a "secret" mission, so anyway what else would you consider for the game?