Tuesday, 18 February 2014

warming up for the waarrggh...

Last year whilst moving house for what is hopefully the last time! I found my Ork army from the hallowed days of 4th Ed. To say I was surprised was an understatement as I thought these had been lost a long time ago!

At around the same time one of the guys suggested doing a tale of 40K gamers, similar to what was suggested a few years ago that kickstarted the deamons to the point of madness with what I painted!


4 years ago, jesus that's scary!

Anyhow, on to the 2014 "project" Jack's suggestion spurred me on to dust of the Ork's and get them going at that time the usual BOLS rumour machine was in full swing and the mutter from the gutter was that Ork's were in the pipe line for a summer 2014 release, with this in mind I decided to focus on my first 500 points, which consisted of...

Wwwwwaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh GC

Warboss Isla
Attack squig
Cybork body
Boss pole

Ork boys with stick bombs(11)
Nob powerclaw & boss pole
Truck, red paint job, rocket launcher

Ork boys with stick bombs(12)
Nob powerclaw & boss pole
Truck, red paint job, rocket launcher

War buggy - red paint job & rocket launcher

At the start of the take of 40K gamers we had a fair few takers for the group project, 

Spencer - Iron Hands
Jon - Tau
Jack - Marines of some description
Pete - Eldar
Ross - Chaos
Christian - Nid's
Alasdhair - Eldar
Stef - Chaos
Darrell - Dark Eldar
Lee - Eldar

the response from the club was outstanding, however as will all things gaming people get distracted with other things and apart from myself, Jack & Christian the rest of the guys have not produced any real results with regards to getting stuff done and so on, which is a real shame as seeing lots of fully painted 500 point armies battling out would have been great. 

From the start I wanted these guys to be tabletop standard and not go mental with the highlighting and so on.  This was for a number of reasons.

  • 12 Orks boys in a truck with the upgrades that I like is a mere 169 points I'm gonna need a far few of these bad boys! 
  • I wanted to be able to actually finish a reasonably sized army before GW release 8th Ed 40K!
  • Actually being arsed to paint the lot! 
So with that "brief" in my head I decided to go down the route of army painter dip for the boys themselves as the celts I did for hail Cesar came out great so there was no reason why the Orks wouldn't look the same.

So this lovely lot are my first 500 points that I managed for the project, I'm very pleased how they came out with the uniform colour of the speed freaks that I'm aiming for,

the only issue I had was with the army painter varnish, when I used it some frosting went on the models and a cracking effect was produced nothing that you wouldn't notice but it's put me off the matt varnish until I discovered Humbrol acrylic varnish via templarscrusade01 as I enjoy watching him show off his painting and review various kits and products that he buys.

Since using the Humbrol stuff I've had no issues what so ever so the anticipation before you press the nozzle thinking "please don't screw up my paint job" no longer runs through my mind!

With the first 500 points done and dusted the next batch are well on the way and that 'll be another post in the near future!