Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Deadzone Terrain sorted!

So after some grafting for a day or so I managed to get my deadzone terrain done, Par one barricade that some how managed to escape the whole process and I found when looking for something else!

so as this one contains an awful lot of pictures you might want to get comfortable for this one...

So the army painter grey as a base coat,

then some detail work on the panels and sponging for the worn effect,

then a quick blast with some weathering spray

another quick sponging with silver & add some liquid rust and thats it nice and easy!

So some of the individual buildings that I did, these are all stuck togeather as I couldn't be arsed with making them everytime I wanted a game and knowing what I'm like I'd loose the box/bag full of clips!

So for the whole lot togeather, pictures are not the best but you get the general idea, all I need to do is grow some balls and spray the mat slighty as it looks too clean!

and there you go two complete factions and some great looking terrain to play on (kiw, plums, and tasteful curtians not included!)