Saturday, 1 December 2012

We are Legion... well Dystopian ones.. & 15mm Critical mass goodies!

I'm not talking about the highly effective Anonymous legion from 4Chan...

We are Legion

this is about the shiney new models from Spartan Games, there 28(ish)mm skirmish system in the dystopian universe, When these were first previewed on the net a while back I like them from the start and when I got the chance I got my hands on some and decided to do splash some paint on these.

I was in two minds how to paint them though as I didn't want to go down the route as WW2 Germans as they didn't fit the colour scheme, so after some digging about I found a pretty awesome site with loads of pictures of various Prussian uniforms and picked a couple from there.

 As I bought the starter set and an additional section I decided to paint them in different uniforms rather than the standard everything looks the same, So I decided with the dark green of the light infantry for the "extra section" and the dark blue for the rest of the army,

The models themselves were fairly simple to paint with good detail and the quality of the casting being very good, once I've done this lot...

Then I'll be basing them with my usual mix and rolling some dice at Coopers Yanks!

So I put an order into Critical Mass games for a unit of robot type things and they arrived really fast!!

I threw these together at work when I was on my "fag break" I tried to cut some round bases but will replace these with warbase's precut mdf shortly. 

The casting on these are really nice and I ordered the 3 man? section for a very reasonable £11 and they gave me enough weapons/arms to mix and match how ever I wanted which I though was cracking.

As I was looking at them I had a bit of an idea and though if you painted them like necrons/cylons you could use these in 40K as necons or anything else with the right amount off "fluff"

so a size comparison

They are going to look great as dreadnought type machines for gruntz, and look really nice compared to the grey knight, something I might do but not for a while!

So the pledge for November was a bit of a disaster!

I only painted the 8 transports for grunts and that was it! so finished on a not so shocking -15!

but year so far is looking like....

Bought - 334
Painted - 480
Difference - +146

so I'm happy to let this month slide, and I'm confident that I'll break the 500 mark with models painted.

So until next time!