Thursday, 22 November 2012

Warmill PUP MDF infinity/sci-fi terrain

I had a new range appear from one of my supplier, Warmill terrain I've seen this stuff kicking about on the net so I figured I might as well give a try and see the quality etc of the stuff,

So the front of the box,

and the bits that you get inside,

so the instructions, double sided and fairly easy to follow

and the actual MDF precut pieces

so the dry fit and no issues at all, some of the bits do fall off so I used PVA to glue mine together and let it dry whilst I went out on the razz!

one of my infinity models so people can get an idea of size, and I managed to splash some paint on it,

might do a bit more weathering, but I'll see how I feel on that on, for a line of sight blocking terrain its a nice bit of kit and some of the variations that they do are nice as well,

overall I'm very impressed, and with the up and coming "man cave" this stuff will make a 4x4 sci-fi skirmish table.