Saturday, 17 November 2012

Gruntz... Prepping for the storm...

Well a while back I decided to jump on the Gruntz army profile app and pledge enough to get myself a copy of the 1.1 rule book, I'd been tempted by grunts for quite a while so dived in!

With the rule book being in the final stages of proof read/test printed I've started working on my first (of many I'm sure) forces, I've recycled some old flames of war Russians and flames of war transports.

The "vision" is a future Russian army so that I can use

more pics at kevs gaming page


Throw some of the critical mass games maskfx camo and they'll look mint! (

However as a "challenge" I'm going to resist on buying the world in 15mm and ebay off my various armies for various system that I've not used for a while, and waiting for the revised rule book to come out as well,

but I needed to get some paint on some models to satisfy my need...

 so the whole lot,

flames of war SMG armed chaps left over from the straf army that I never did complete and is sitting a box semi painted some where!

 British trucks for a 8 gun 25 pounder platoon that I thought would be cool to use as transports,

then I found the actual tows for the guns and the weird shape kinda looks sci-fi I've put a Russian star on one of them and I'm thinking I might do the same for the lot, again once I've sussed out the rules/army selection!

I've a feeling that this project is gonna be fun discovering the more obscure 15mm manufactures out there.