Thursday, 1 November 2012

Dropzone commander, the scourge are ready for war!

So after last months monster terrain painting frenzy I decided to take it easy this month and have a play about with the airbrush that I've had kicking around for a couple of months,

well so much for taking it "easy"............

I got a tad carried away and decided to go for gold and get all my scourge painted ready for my game over in Loughbrough next week, Originally when I arranged the game the challenge to my opponent was to play 1K (I think) and have a painted army....

well even if I don't win the game I've gained some awesome man-points!

 the heavy tanks that carry razor snake thingies!

 normal tanks with some swarm type guys that melt through armour,

 and the drop ships that carry them at the front, medium drop ships at the back.

anti-fighter floating screen of doom! again no idea how these will fair but I bought them anyway! 


The mothership, this is where I will reside, not a bad ride if I say so myself!

 And onto the infantry, a bit of flock to break up the bases and they'll be good to go!

And with that lot I have a +2 model count on the pledge for this month! so everything I bought this month I painted!!

The pledge is going so well this year I'm 150+ models in the black for the year so far, and I've just about tied up all my projects....

well maybe....