Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Drop Zone Commander, The scourge come out to play (kinda)

So after a few weeks of painting I had the scourge ready to go and face one of the guys at the Loughbrough dice devils,

We decided to keep it a smallish game (which makes a change) and went with a 1000 points,

I ran with:

Oppressor group
Scourge champion in a Desolator
Prowler pack in 2 Intruders

Vanguard group
2 lots of 3 hunters in marauders

warrior cabal group
2 lots of warriors mounted in invaders in marauders

invasion host group
2 slayers in maruder

I decided to run with no AA.

as this was the second game there was still alot of flicking about with regards to the rules and I've now printed off a cheat sheet to speed things up, I'm also going to see if I can find a army builder for this system as it does take a little bit of thinking when it comes down to designing your force.

not quite as simple a 1 HQ 2 Troops, but on the flip side there is alot of options and mix and matching that you can do,

I covered off the "first look" on first-look-drop-zone-commander for the initial rules,

We didn't play a mission that that showed, it ended up being a shooting slog between two PHR walkers that were heavily armoured and shrugging off hits and became quite stagnant at the end so became quite frustrating (along with the noise level) so we decided to wrap it up and try again another day.

I should also remember to take my flying bases next time....