Friday, 2 November 2012

First Look: X-Wing

Well its been a while since I popped the box open and looked at the models, recently I managed to actually get a game in and give it a crack!

Game play

The system itsself is fairly simple and anyone who has played the forgeworld 40K flyer game or wings of war (WW1) or dawn of war (WW2) will see some similar mechanics within the x-wing game,

The activation of the fighters goes on the pilot skill level so you decide what manover your going to perform on a turn wheel the start with the lowest skill number and work your way up, If you do a normal manover then you can do one action which can be evade,focus, barrel roll, target lock and so on, depending on what your ship is capable of actually doing will determine what your able to do, example would be the tie fighter can evade,focus and barrel roll thats it.

Shooting works with the highest pilot skill down to the lowest, you have your attack stat and if your in range band one you get an addational attack die, if your target is range band three then an addational defence die, this base number can be altered with named pilot skills example is one of the tie pilots gets an addational die if you shoot at your target out of there line of fire stack that with range band i and you have 4 dice on the attack!

If you roll evade/dodge symbols that cancels out a hit but you can have a evade/dodge already on your model or a focus which changes the focus symbol into hits or evades once per turn.

once you equal the amount of damage to the hull points then the ship is a gonna, but x-wings do get 2 shields and normal tie's none, but they are about half the price of a normal crewed x-wing. So it kinda balances out.


This is the "biggie" its starwars so for me personally instantly a hit, but missions wise very very thin on the ground, now if fantasty flight got a shift on and did the driods and the republic then its another angle that would be great, Hell you could even do cylons against the battlestar fighters and so on. But as it currently stands this is a nice "club" game plently of people moving stuff about swearing at each other and making tie noises and stating that the force is strong with this one. I personally couldn't play this for more than two weeks on the bounce as I'd get bored.


well there pre-painted which is a nice change for me, quaility is good compared to previous pre-painted stuff, and if you want the lowdown on them have a look at...  model review not the cheapest and for some people on a budget not really an affordable game, but the hobby is classed as a luxuery in my eyes and if you can do it on the cheap then fair play.