Monday, 17 December 2012

More Gruntz stuff done!

Well I'm on a roll!!

I've managed to crank out the cool looking stuff and made some great headway with the last batch, the T-72 looking tank and the Doe gunship I'll leave till last as a "treat"

So 3 APC's that I picked up from Ground Zero Games, and at £7.50 a pop there not too bad, all metal so they've that "old school" feel to them, you know the one when you pick up your 2000 point marine army you nearly dislocated your shoulder!

I've gone for a "in the field" look and remembered what Dave from Portal gaming told me about sponging metal paint to make it look chipped scorpius and I'm quite happy with the over all look, might do some more washes but holding fire on that at the mo,

The Decals are from Doms decals and the various sizes that he does on one sheet are spot on for loads of different scales,

so the two light Mechs from khurasan miniatures mounted on 40mm MDF bases from warbases, and all I need to do is get hold of some Russian looking numbers from Coops get them varnished to hide the shine of the transfers and there ready to go stomping!

And the last unit done is the suits from critical mass games,

again some numbers and these are sorted!

All I need to do is get the unit stat cards sorted and sort out a game.....