Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 The summary!

Well where has it gone!

Its been a superb year gaming/painting wise and I didn't hit Stef's "expectation" of 2012 models after last years stella performance but I still managed more than I expected as I hadn't planned on any new projects, but that kinda went out the window!

Play me really loud... If you dare....




So the year in a summary....


Mordhiem Gang & Necromunda (never did get round to playing with them)


Went mental on 20mm WW2 stuff for KGN (system 1) for it to be dropped in May by GW!


British for FOW (not played with them!) A load of warpath (system 2) stuff painted up and played one game.


The dreaded month of Salute, picked up a fair bit and painted a load of modern Russians


Continued with the 20mm WW2 and tried weathering powders for the first time


More 20mm WW2 and picked up and painted a Relic's gang (system 3),


must have been something in the water as I cranked out a load of 20mm modern Russian stuff and 40K chaos that I've had sitting around for about 3ish years!


Went into "finish stuff" mode, Did my combined army, Kum bikers and the Disc riders and started working on my Gruntz force (system 4)


40K 6th came out and I ended up painting up an entire city in 20mm! Oh and picked up Boltaction (system 5)


Got the airbrush out for Drop Zone Commander (system 6) and painted an entire army in about 3ish weeks!! Also ticked a "must do" from my bucket list and helped/contributed with a demo/display table at a gaming show, and boy oh boy it was a table and a half!


Thought about starting grey knights for 40K but then saw the light! Picked up Dystopian Legions (system 7) & X-Wing (system 8)


The postman's arms nearly dropped off with all the Gruntz bits that I ordered from all over the place and somehow managed to get them mostly painted and still do my Chrimbo shopping, oh Dreadball turned up as well! (system 9) and also did most of my D-Legions stuff.

So other stuff inbetween the painting has been testing Nick's Modern system which is coming along in leaps and bounds now and deciding to buy a house (which I've already claimed the garage) The side business that I started at the beginning of the year is chugging along nicely and managed to get quite a few suppliers for paints &  brushes and once I get into my new place more room means more stuff! as well as a shiney website so watch this space!

So lets look at the pledge....

Bought - 407
Painted - 563
Difference  +156!

so comparing that to the last two years,

                    2010            2011           2012
Bought        469              1238           407
Painted        513              1245           563
Diff             +44               +7              +156

Quite a comparison compared to last year no Napoleonic/Celt armies certainly helped! The thing thats surpised me the most is the differance, I wanted to reduce the amount of unpainted stuff I've got lying about and that certainlly is a big chunk out of the huge amount of stuff I've got kicking about.

I'm not normally fussed about my "stats"

I'm happy that the line has stayed about the same, I've moved quite far from the GW & warmachine systems that I played quite a bit and gone for the more "traditional" systems/scales but with a nice twist every so often.

The Future.... 

I don't think I'll see hoverboards or giant robojox mech's in 2013 but I'm looking forward to expanding my 20mm WW2 collection with a load of Russians for BGK as the Phat Cats Demo team has secured Hammerhead in Feb and working on Expo and a few others so that should be a good laugh!

Helping Nick continue testing his Modern system and try not to get sucked into a huge of amount of systems! theres a few that have caught my eye I just need to show some restraint!

Stream lining the blog starting with the labels is something that I need to do and have a jigg about with the side bar on the right.

And finally thanks to all of you lot for reading my random whaffle and looking at my stuff, so have a great new year get completely mashed and play lots of random games!!

The smiling assassin!