Friday, 4 January 2013

Dystopian Legions - Prussains are Done!!

So after a bit of a pre & post Christmas/New years slump painting wise, I put my game face on and finished off the last few bits for my Prussians,

So a great start to 2013, I've finished an army ;)

So the new Commander model, and some cool rules to go with him!

And the Tanketts, the easiest models in the world to paint!

So as always the painting machine marches on,  but with what? 

The club is getting quite frothy about Gruntz and myself & Coops have a game next week, but all of my grunts stuff is done (par 2 models one of I'm still waiting for the extra bits) so nothing really needed to be painted for that.

Well apart from scenery that I've dug up from the stash and some bits I bough but these will be done quite soon... 

I knock out these as well a while back so finished off the bases for some bush type terrain

Then after all of this I'll be ordering my Russians from PSC as soon as I can get hold of them and start cranking out the Infantry for the Kursk Demo board that Coops is currently getting very excited about with PVA & Towels!

I'll snap some pics of the Gruntz game on Thursday and do a "first look" for you guys that are sitting on the fence with regards to the system.