Sunday, 9 December 2012

Gruntz, Reinforcements inbound via Khurasan...

So as the year is starting to turn into a Santa induced frenzy that a Slannesh Deamon price would be proud of I've managed to get my hands on the "last" bits of my gruntz army....

I've been tempted to order from Khurasan for a while but was never too sure the classic shall I Shan't I situation, So I decided to take the plunge and then the East coast of America got a whupping from a hurricane so I had to wait for the website to come back up and now my bits have arrived boy I'm not disappointed!!

So the "normal" infantry that I'm going to using, these are evil mid-tech models and I'm really liking the look of these the actual quality of the casting and the detail on the models are really rice and there was hardly any flash with these.

As Guntz is a skirmish game that should do me for every game I hope!

I  decided to also order some heavy armoured infantry

Now on the actual website the picture is ok, but in the flesh these remind me of space marines!

No sci-fi skirmish game wouldn't be complete with out some alien merc's

Far bigger than I expected more 20/25 rather than 15mm but I'm thinking of painting these like the guys from the fifth element

As I'm a sucker for guns and stuff it would have been rude of me not to grab a couple of light mechs

I also have had my eye on a T-70 inspired model, but I'm unsure what version to make....


But the whole point that I noticed Khurasan miniatures was because of the up and coming Doe Gunship a while back...

Only down side is that its missing some bits but the nice chap has already sent these out so I'll be showing off more of this model when the new bits arrive, 

So plenty to crack on with and I determined to finish in the black this month with the "pledge" so expect a few updates this month to the blog!