Thursday, 27 December 2012

Dystopian Legions, The Prussains Assemble!

Well I managed to get a couple of days off "Dad" duty and decided to crack on with the Legions stuff that I picked up last month,

So the basic starter set with an additional squad and medic blister/box all done,

The main colour scheme for my force,

The two commanders with the previous painted unit

and the two big battlesuit things,

I've also go the 2nd wave stuff and just weathering up the tankettes and trying to get some motivation to paint 4 models!

So with this lot as well as my Gruntz stuff I smashed the 500 mark the likely hood of getting anything else painted is slim, so onto the pledge...

Bought - 73
Painted - 83
Difference +10!

what a end to the year.