Monday, 5 March 2012

Flames of War 15mm Churchills test paint

So I picked up a box of battlefront Churchill's last month so I could have a play about sussing how to paint them prior to ordering my late war British Tank Squadron,

I picked up some late war British armour green and that's how they stayed for a couple of weeks it was only when Coops the mountain of metal suggested I look at the battlefront channel on you tube as there was a painting guide I figured I might as well have a look,

after watching this chap do his thing, I had to watch it again, as there is NO highlighting or shading! just the base colour and the weathering that he does.

So after finding myself a spare couple of hours after work I decided to crack on and paint the Churchill's pretty much to how they are done in the video and this is what came out the other end.....

overall I'm quite pleased with them, the green looks a bit weird in the pictures for some reason but the weathering and the grey sponge effect with pencil on is spot on, just need to blast it with some anti-shine and get some decals and they'll be good to go,

So the list that I'll be running with is...

Company HQ
2x Mk VII's
1x Crusader AA

Platoon #1
3x Mk VI

Platoon #2
3x Mk VI

Rifle Platoon
3 squads

Corps Field Battery
8 gun battery with transport & tractors


That come to 1265 so a few more bits and bobs and I'll be touching 2K no worries, all I need to do is get a game in, and theres plenty of new players at the local shop that I could test this out on!!